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  • Packing Quality

    Packed Oil Quality :

    With the intent to assure the physical and chemical quality in every pack of Sunland, various tests as mandated by FSAAIare being carried out. The most important of them are:

    • Colour: Light yellow colour, reflecting a state of excellent refining, storage, and handling. The light colour is also an indicator of the processing quality though it’s does not any effect on human health.
    • Acid value: The amount of Free Fatty Acid left on the oil and also an indicator of the moisture stability of the packing. More FFA in excess of standards leads to vomiting and indigestion problems.
    • Peroxide Value: Measures the degree of deterioration over time and across multiple fryings. Sunland PV rises much more slowly than other oils PV due to the antioxidant effect of Vitamin E and another anti – oxidants added to the oil. This also helps give a higher shelf life period.
    • Viscosity: Flow measure: Sunland viscosity being such that it is classed as light oil. Such light Sunland controls and lessens the absorption of oil in the food, leading to:
      • More out turn of food per liter of oil
      • Lesser oil ingestion, healthier body
    • Test for Light Oil:Sunland has developed a ready method for checking the lightness of oil by the demonstration of Sunland Pet Bottle shake test. The vigorously shaken bottle demonstrates the minuscule bubbles quickly rising to the top of the bottle thereby suggesting the lighter nature of the oil (lesser resistance to upward travel due to lighter oil and minuscule bubbles maintaining small round shape instead of coalescing into, much bigger bubbles as can be seen in the thicker oils). The shake bottle also helps to clearly demonstrate the very low wax content as higher wax is usually associated with higher viscosity and thicker oil.
    sunland sunflower oil


    Kids love Sunland sunflower oil because of its wonderful taste. It is healthy too! Every drop of our Sunland sunflower oil comes with the promise of ample nutrition.

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    PALM oil


    Roobini refined palm oil contains Vitamin E, A and beta carotene! It lowers Cholesterol. Beta carotene helps in good night vision. It is good for the skin, and helps in bone growth.

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    When it comes to satisfying customers in your restaurant or catering business there is one name that is strongly associated with sweets.... " Roobini Vanaspati ".

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