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    The packing is vertically split into Flexi and Rigid

    Flexi is again segmented as Big Pack and Small Pack

    • Flexi: Big Pack: 1ltr and 500 ml regularand transparent pouches
    • Flexi: Small Pack: 100 ml pouch in streamer of 10s (saram) and 200 ml pouch in singles
    • Flexi: Jumbo: 5 kg (5.5 ltr pouch) pillow pouch


    • Pet bottles: 1ltr, 500 ml, 2ltr
    • Jars: 3 ltr MiniJar called Trio, 5 ltr Jar
    • Buckets: SUV branded 5 ltr buckets

    While the cost of manufacture for rigid packs is higher, KTV enjoys the unique distinction of having its own blow molding unit for the manufacturing of empty jars within the Gummidipoondi Unit (from HDPE granules and colour master batch) and also PET injection molding high speed machines for blowing pet bottles, again within the Gummidipoondi Unit.

    This is a major strategic advantage enjoyed by Sunland as a brand is not dependent on any third party sources for supply of such primary packing material. Also, the movement of large number of empty jars and bottles across vast distances without proper stacking, packing, transportation and storage is a definite product quality and pricing disadvantage that all of Sunland's competitors suffer from. Sunland, having overcome this, therefore comes with the highest of packing material standards assurance.

    Packing is again divided as primary packing and secondary packing.

    Primary packing is one which comes into contact with the oil like pouches, pet bottles and jars. Since the packing comes into contact with the food item, it has to pass through rigorous tests for product stability and integrity and have barrier properties.

    Some of the key barrier properties of Sunland Packing are

    • Barrier property to oxygen (O2)
    • Barrier to carbon di oxide (CO2)
    • Barrier to other gases
    • Barrier to moisture or water vapour
    • Barrier to aroma or smell from the outside
    • Barrier to heat at varying levels
    • Barrier to light at varying levels

    Sunland has today developed as India’s first and only oil company to have a Cold Test Pouch by which the primary pouch packing itself has become the tool to test the product on one of its most prominent and critical quality parameter – wax content. By putting the Sunland BOPA pouch to a cold test in a fridge for even upto 24 hours (FSSAI specifies only 5.5 hours under 0 Degree Celsius), one can see clearly through the Q window, (Q for Quality, Q for Quick Cold Test) and through the high quality low wax, no stickiness Sunland Oil, the graphic of a healthy jogging couple insignia printed on the other side of the pouch. This clearly demonstrates the effect of low wax non stickiness oil that would otherwise have got clouded or misty if the wax content was higher and stickier. This is verily the demonstrator pack for the vaunted “Pissupissupilaatha Sunland” which has now caught the awareness and interest of consumers hitherto looking for relief from years of having to deal with sticky oil and a messy kitchen and a still messier internal circulatory system that can only take limited amounts of wax in the blood.

    Thus Sunland is the one and only brand in the edible oils category with as many as 12 SKU’s – at least one to suit every unique individual consumer preference.

    The Sunland Pet bottles have a dual advantage bundle: one for the retail trade and one for consumers. The retail trade benefits immensely by

    • Nil leakages compared to pouches, especially those of some brands where both the oil contained and the pouch are so sticky
    • No losses due to rat biting menace
    • No bending and lifting every time a consumer demands one as the pet bottles are neatly arrayed and arranged on the rack
    • High merchandising value due to the excellent quality pet bottle and the still more excellent quality light oil of golden yellow hue or colour that triggers an inner desire to purchase on impulse
    • Better margins due to pet bottles being on the higher end of the packing technology curve or spectrum
    • Longer shelf life (9 months) than most competition pouches of 6 months printed and still fewer months based on accelerated stability tests
    sunland sunflower oil


    Kids love Sunland sunflower oil because of its wonderful taste. It is healthy too! Every drop of our Sunland sunflower oil comes with the promise of ample nutrition.

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    PALM oil


    Roobini refined palm oil contains Vitamin E, A and beta carotene! It lowers Cholesterol. Beta carotene helps in good night vision. It is good for the skin, and helps in bone growth.

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    When it comes to satisfying customers in your restaurant or catering business there is one name that is strongly associated with sweets.... " Roobini Vanaspati ".

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