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  • The Other Support Functions


    • Crude Oils (Process owned by MD /Director)
    • Packing Material (Process owned by Managers)
    • Chemicals, Consumables Stores, and Spares (Process owned by the Plant Heads and managed by Managers)

    Quality Assurance :

    Dealt with in detail in later topics


    • Crude Oil and Refined Oils in bulk: Using their own dedicated fleet of more than 60 tankers
    • Packed goods: From manufacturing units to depots or direct to customers and from depots to customers
    • Chennai: Has its own owned fleet of more than 40 vans
    • Rest of the states: Hired market trucks

    HR :

    The HR supports recruitment, appointment, assessment, increments, upgradations, promotions, verification processes and controls payment of salary, allowance, and separation.


    All accounts including material, stocks, receivables and payables accounts are maintained on SAP.

    IT / SAP:

    The IT is inextricably linked with SAP, the German Enterprise-wide Resource Planning (ERP) software. This is the nerve and brain of the company's accounting and finance functions besides its control over all processes including HR/payroll functions. All movement of goods, sales and sales returns are captured live on SAP as and when it happens. However, the real challenge for KTV is to use the data gathered meaningfully after due analysis. The current level of data analysis ranges from low to medium in sales and accounts.

    sunland sunflower oil


    Kids love Sunland sunflower oil because of its wonderful taste. It is healthy too! Every drop of our Sunland sunflower oil comes with the promise of ample nutrition.

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    PALM oil


    Roobini refined palm oil contains Vitamin E, A and beta carotene! It lowers Cholesterol. Beta carotene helps in good night vision. It is good for the skin, and helps in bone growth.

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    When it comes to satisfying customers in your restaurant or catering business there is one name that is strongly associated with sweets.... " Roobini Vanaspati ".

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