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  • The Sales and Marketing Structure


    The sales structure is inherently re-designed to make it a lean and mean sales force to reckon with.

    Compared to the average edible oil industry sales force, the KTV sales team have the backing of sound training on product quality and retailing and this layer of knowledge loaded with years of experience in the sales field enables us to reach the customer faster, better and easier.

    Market and customer feedback is the nucleus around which all marketing communications revolve.

    So the next time you have a feedback, you would be certain it reaches us at Head Office the same evening and we will surely get back to you the next day!

    The Sales Structure and Marketing Structure: Under an active phase of building up

    The Sales Structure

    Marketing Advisor  
    Head Sales – RoTN Head Sales – GC  
    Team Leads – ASM/ SE/ SO Team Leads – SE/ SO Team Leads – Bengaluru, North Kerala, South Kerala
    Sales Coord Sales Coord Sales Coord

    Marketing Structure : Under an active phase of building up

    MD/ Director
    Marketing Advisor
    Media Agencies

    The marketing principle is to keep focusing on the needs of a consumer. While the consumer market is large, yet there are key differentiators between each of their needs.

    It was this basic principle that powered us to launch Trio – a 3 ltr -mini-jar that make a 5 ltr jar look like an XXL in size. Positioned for the growing nuclear family in metros and towns, the mini size jar comes with a pocket and purse (should we say cards) friendly price at around ₹255/- per jar (average price being sold in Tamil Nadu in February 2017 as per internal survey).

    Again, this principle guided us to our successful launch of the new Sunland in transparent pouches with a unique Cold Test Window – India's first and only one that allows you to test the product quality for the wax content. Do you know of any other food product where the primary pack itself serves as a product testing tool?

    The Sales Organization Philosophy

    The KTV Sales Organization is based on the philosophy of a lean, de-layered and responsive Organization suited for quick growth enabled by a daily feedback and feed forward response to scenarios and events. It currently places more emphasis on human intelligence and used data to support decision making at a local level.

    Data Analytics

    Factual as well as subjective data are gathered, discussed and analysed for establishing trends, and drawing up competition practices and suitable action plans or pointers.

    The Market Vs Product Structure

    The sales Organization is structured around 2 verticals:

    • Consumer Product Division (CPD)- Comprising all packs that reach the consumers through the retail trade
    • Bakery and Tin Division (BTD)- Products for the baking industry and tins for the HoReCa segment (Hotels, Restaurants and Catering)

    Market for Sunflower Oil

    India imports an excess of 1.4million MT (14lakh metric tons, 1 metric tons =1000 Kg= 1100 litres) of crude sunflower oil per annum from Ukraine, Argentina and Brazil besides overflow volume from Russia. India also produces local crude/expeller sunflower oil during seasons in modest quantities. Since import volumes are large, the international markets decide the pricing of the product. With increasing branding and stable international markets for sunflower oil (unlike palm oil which is very volatile both internationally and therefore nationally), the prices of sunflower oil have been much more stable than even staples like rice and essentials like pulses. So in all respects, sunflower oil is a true boon for the Indian edible oil sector.

    The best feature of sunflower oil market is that it is a predominantly packed oil market unlike palm or coconut which are tin markets/ loose oil in barrels. Hence it attracts a lot of national, regional and local players for manufacturing and packing.

    sunland sunflower oil


    Kids love Sunland sunflower oil because of its wonderful taste. It is healthy too! Every drop of our Sunland sunflower oil comes with the promise of ample nutrition.

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    PALM oil


    Roobini refined palm oil contains Vitamin E, A and beta carotene! It lowers Cholesterol. Beta carotene helps in good night vision. It is good for the skin, and helps in bone growth.

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    When it comes to satisfying customers in your restaurant or catering business there is one name that is strongly associated with sweets.... " Roobini Vanaspati ".

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