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  • Refined Vegetable Oil

    THE Frying oil that takes care of all your cooking needs from A2Z

    A2Z is the ideal oil for all your requirements; it is specifically formulated for deep frying in the wake of increasing health consciousness. Where customers demand less oily and light food, A2Z helps the restaurateurs to provide healthy yet tasty food to its patrons.

    • A2Z reaches the right frying temperature quickly. This saves fuel, time and increases productivity.
    • Usage of A2Z results in low oil absorption and makes the food less oily, light and tasty. It does not thicken fast or stick on to the fried products.
    • A2Z has slow oxidation & low oil absorption properties, therefore food fried in A2Z retains its natural colour and freshness for a longer period.
    • Contains “Tocopherols” which is good for health.
    • Imparts good taste, shine & crispiness to the product.
    • Extends the shelf life of the product and retains the freshness.
    • Odour and flavour-bland, free of rancidity or foreign flavours.
    sunland sunflower oil


    Kids love Sunland sunflower oil because of its wonderful taste. It is healthy too! Every drop of our Sunland sunflower oil comes with the promise of ample nutrition.

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    PALM oil


    Roobini refined palm oil contains Vitamin E, A and beta carotene! It lowers Cholesterol. Beta carotene helps in good night vision. It is good for the skin, and helps in bone growth.

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    When it comes to satisfying customers in your restaurant or catering business there is one name that is strongly associated with sweets.... " Roobini Vanaspati ".

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